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Personally hand delivered to High Net Worth Individuals in a   welcoming and luxurious setting. Black Tie Motorsport Magazines are eagerly received at Gala events and are a welcomed gift item. The net worth of this readership is staggering and the direct distribution at events is clearly a phenomenal opportunity to reach the top demographic consumer!


Ad Specifications
Full Page
Full Bleed: 8.625 wide x 11.125 tall
Full Page: 8.375 wide x 10.875 tall
Safe/Live area: 7.375 wide x 9.725 tall
Half Page
Half Page: 8.375 wide x 4.8 tall
L to R Bleed: 8.625 wide x 4.8 tall
Safe/Live area: 7.375 wide x 4.8 tall
Third of a Page
2.5 wide x 9.725 tall


BlackTie Motorsport Magazine has quickly evolved from a publication dedicated strictly to exotic to cars, to one that covers anything with a motor; along with coverage on the male aesthetic in general (cigars, wines, music, etc.).  We strive to keep every issue fresh with unique subject matter, lively writing, and eye catching visuals. Bottom line: BlackTie Motorsport Magazine is a publication that is immediately picked up and read cover to cover.

BlackTie Motorsport Magazine Subscription is soaked in prestige and exclusivity. Servicing only a small, select group of people, attaining subscription isn’t easy. And that’s precisely the point. Those who are invited fulfill certain requirements, they usually have economic capital but most importantly they carry a lot of social clout.

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